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Hi, I am Sara, I am the owner of Ember Paws Dog Training. I have always had a strong passion for animals and working with them in any capacity. I began volunteering at animal shelters in Arizona at the age of 12 and began studying animal science and behavior in High School.  Since then, I've continued dog training, including training multiple task trained service animals for those with disabilities ranging from diabetic and cardiac alert to mobility and psychiactric service dogs all while working as a dog trainer and AKC CGC Evaluator through Petco .

After working as a dog trainer for Petco, I switched to the vet field where I worked as a certified Veterinary Technician for their vet clinics for three more years. After a while I began to miss my true passion for dog training and decided to take the leap to make dog training my full time job.

Ember Paws Dog Training is my full time job and I love working with dogs of all different breeds. In addition to being an AKC certified evaluator and AKC Fetch judge, I am also certified in pet CPR and first aid and properly insured with Pet Care Insurance for pet sitting and dog training.

I currently have four dogs; a border collie named Ash, and two corgis: Phoenix and Ember and a Golden Retriever,  Zodiac. Ember and Zodiac  are my fully trained medical alert service dogs that I trained myself. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, paddle boarding, riding horses and attending various dog sports such as FastCAT, Agility and Rally.

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